06 reasons to visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens… Once you get there you will sigh with affection and relief. Actually, such calming sensation starts before crossing their gates because the streets that surround the gardens are quiet and green, by the way, The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are really close to all of our properties – a walking distance. Therefore if you’re looking for a tranquil place to stay (And still close to hotspots in Birmingham’s City Centre) you should definitely check out the rooms we have to offer!

Regardless your hobbies and needs, there is a bunch of reasons why you should spend a few hours at this green plush area, and Holiday Home Apartments is going to list 06 of these reason right now! Ready?

#1: Graceful vibrant colours

That flowers have a long spectrum of beautiful colours we already now, but we got impressed by the the way the petals stand out! Especially this tiny and cute bouquet of purple flowers. And if you’re still thinking it’s just another purple flower then you should see it with your own eyes – we know you’re going to feel the same way.

#2: Is it a dream?

Lucky are the ones who wonder whether they are living a peaceful dream – such an amazing sensation. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens provides you with that due to its silent ambience, which takes you into the sounds of nature we normally don’t pay attention to, such as the wind flowing in between leaves, crackling branches, our steps on the ground…

#3: Just take some time to be mindful

If you scratched your head when you read the word “mindful”, it’s ok! Lots of people don’t really know what mindfulness is, neither the benefits it brings into our lives. Mindfulness is the practice of bringing awareness to what we’re experiencing via our senses, be it when we take a shower, when we drink a warm cup of tea, or when we go for a nice stroll at the park (If you want some more info about mindfulness, here is an interesting article on Mindful – healthy mind, healthy life‘s website).

You can definitely practice mindfulness anywhere, not necessarily in a remote place, but isn’t it truly convenient to return to oneself in a serene area? Walk through The Birmingham Botanical Gardens, or just lay on a grassy spot and feel your breath, body temperature, muscles shutting down for a while and just watch thoughts coming into your mind. You’ll realize how much you’ve needed that!

#4: How many stone paintings can you find?

Discreetly decorating the gardens, these stone paintings are found in unexpected corners. Those pieces of art are so delicate and meticulously made that you can even depict the patience and concentration the artist’s been throughout the process. How many of them can you find around the gardens?

#5: Talking about art…

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are undoubtedly a graceful place to carry out photo shooting sessions, to practice your skills on painting, drawing, watercolouring, embroidering or whichever art that brings you joy. If you are looking for some enchanting inspiration, the gardens can definitely lead you towards that missing sparkle.

#6: Boundless possibilities

Parks are the perfect environment for a never-ending list of activities, from picnics with dearest ones to catching up on your readings. Write letters to distant friends, start writing that book you’ve always kept in mind! Or simply list on a piece of paper 05 reasons why you’re so glad to be alive. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is waiting for you!